Reporting on the Jazz CLM including Development Intelligence (RRDI) and Document Generation (RPE)

I’ve stumbled upon a great recording from the 321gang  team and Geoffrey Rosenthal on Reporting on the Jazz CLM including Development Intelligence (RRDI) and Document Generation (RPE).

Even though it’s one year old this remains a useful and enjoyable view and it’s worth watching even just for the clear way of presenting the various reporting solution offered by Rational ( RPE, RRDG, RRDI, Insight), their overlap, when to use them and for what.

The full presentation is available here  and a 5 minutes intro posted on Youtube.

RPE Remote Services

The RPE Remote Services have been with RPE from version 1.0 and their capabilities have been increased constantly. However the support/information requests I see seem to indicate that these services are not widely used.

Is this correct I’d like to understand what are the main inhibiting factors for using the Remote Services?

Internet Explorer KB2977629 crash – a solution and a possible fix from Microsoft

In a previous post, MS Internet Explorer 11 security update KB2977629 is incompatible with the version of Eclipse that is used by RPE, I described the problems caused by Microsoft Security Update KB2977629 on machines where Internet Explorer 11 is installed.

A solution that worked for us on all the machines we’ve tested is listed below:

  1. uninstall KB2977629
  2. install  update 2929437 if not already installed
  3. reinstall KB2977629

Step 2 should not be needed normally since KB2929437 is marked as a dependency of KB2977629  and thus it should be installed by Microsoft Update already.

At the same time Microsoft has released on October 14th the security update MS14-056: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer.  This update seems to address the problems introduced by KB2977629 as its documented on the fix list of the update and confirmed by a number users in the Eclipse Bug 444005


Advanced hints, tips & tricks for Rational Publishing Engine and friends

Update 2014.10.17 the recording of the webinar is available here.

The GEBS Reporting  webinars series focused on Document Generation and RPE continues on Thu, October the 14th with Episode 5 – Advanced hints, tips & tricks for Rational Publishing Engine and friends. For more details and registration please visit

Is reporting still relevant?

An Slashdot article titled “Is reporting relevant?” caught my attention yesterday. My interest dropped rapidly after I started reading since it was not about “document generation” type of reporting, even though it does mention documents. The article also provoked James Moody to react on his blog:

The original article and the discussion around it show just how overloaded the term “reporting” is. James explains this very well so I want to focus on the “document” part.  The term “document” is less overloaded compared to “report” but it is far from unequivocal.

In some cases “document” accurately describe the nature and intention ( to document a certain state at a moment in time) of user with regards to the data as in the case of requirements documents, compliance document etc.

In other cases the “document” describes only the packaging form (Word, PDF, Excel) as in the case of traffic reports, trend reports etc. Here the data would be more naturally presented and better used in a dynamic environment where the report’s parameters can be changed and connections can be explored ( drill down).

My point here is not if reporting is still relevant or not but to remark the importance of properly identifying the “report/document” type and choosing the right tool for the job. The scenarios above overlap and most “reporting” tools support the overlap  to various degrees but for the best results it is important to identify and use the right reporting tool.


Up to date information and comments on RPE and Document Generation for Rational tools


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