Automating DOORS 9 Document Generation with RPE

There are 3 IBM provided ways of producing documents from DOORS 9 using RPE:

  1. RPE Launcher
  2. DOORS Publish Wizard
  3. RRDG based File->Export

NOTE: I have listed only solutions provided by IBM. There are other RPE based solutions provided by IBM partners such as GebsReporting, Baselines Inc, River North Solutions and more.

All three methods are general purpose methods designed to handle a large number of user scenarios. Depending on the capabilities exposed they require various degrees of user interaction and user input.

When used in a large organization with strict rules for generating documents the flexibility is not really needed and the need for user input is both time consuming and risk inducing.

For such scenarios building a custom reporting UIs in DXL that use RPE through it’s Java API is the optimum solution and we’ve seen it implemented by several IBM customers. This solutions offers a a series of significant advantages:

  • bespoke UI and User Experience
  • custom vocabulary fore reporting
  • reduces the possibility of user mistake
  • no need to install RPE locally

An example of such integration and the benefits it yields is documented here:

For more information on the RPE Java API see and the RPE Infocenter


Scaled Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework is a process framework for running Agile software development projects at scale. More information at

I would love to hear from SAFE practitioners what documents would be useful/needed in this context so that we can experiment producing them with RPE and CLM.

SAFe-3.0-8.5x11_printCourtesy of – Click to enlarge

Multi Column Word and PDF Documents with RPE

You can produce multi column documents with RPE and the procedure is rather simple.

  • create a Word document
  • change the document’s page layout to multi column. In my example I use 3 columns and I have also changed the page orientation to landscape


  • set the word document as stylesheet for Word/PDF output

The advanced properties allow you to introduce lines between the columns and/or define the widths of the individual columns.

The result (PDF)

CLM Global Configuration – Overview of concepts and terminology

Support for configurations is a major capability in CLM 6.0 and the video below provides a very good introduction to the domain. RPE supports performing configuration aware document generation since RPE 1.3 so it can work with configuration enabled 6.0 instances to produce documents for global or local configurations.

The video builds on the concept of a lifecycle project in IBM’s solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) by introducing concepts and terminology introduced in version 6.0 of the IBM Jazz applications. These concepts include baselines, steams, configurations, global configurations, components and other. These capabilities are useful when reusing requirements or components in product variants, in product line engineering, and in everyday project development.


[Non RPE] Improving FireFox’ Responsiveness

Disabling Adobe Flash in Firefox ( set it to “Ask to activate”) has improved the browser’s responsiveness considerably and solved my browser freezing with  an “Unresponsive script” message. Overall CPU consumption has decreased as well and that many adds are also disabled. For Youtube you can request the HTML 5 player and for sites where you really need Flash and that do not have an HTML 5 equivalent you can always activate the Flash plugin.

Up to date information and comments on RPE and Document Generation for Rational tools


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