Is reporting still relevant?

An Slashdot article titled “Is reporting relevant?” caught my attention yesterday. My interest dropped rapidly after I started reading since it was not about “document generation” type of reporting, even though it does mention documents. The article also provoked James Moody to react on his blog:

The original article and the discussion around it show just how overloaded the term “reporting” is. James explains this very well so I want to focus on the “document” part.  The term “document” is less overloaded compared to “report” but it is far from unequivocal.

In some cases “document” accurately describe the nature and intention ( to document a certain state at a moment in time) of user with regards to the data as in the case of requirements documents, compliance document etc.

In other cases the “document” describes only the packaging form (Word, PDF, Excel) as in the case of traffic reports, trend reports etc. Here the data would be more naturally presented and better used in a dynamic environment where the report’s parameters can be changed and connections can be explored ( drill down).

My point here is not if reporting is still relevant or not but to remark the importance of properly identifying the “report/document” type and choosing the right tool for the job. The scenarios above overlap and most “reporting” tools support the overlap  to various degrees but for the best results it is important to identify and use the right reporting tool.


MS Internet Explorer 11 security update KB2977629 is incompatible with the version of Eclipse that is used by RPE

If you have installed MS Internet Explorer 11 security update KB2977629 you may experience RPE Launcher/Studio crashing after you close the results dialog. You may notice this also after using the Welcome Screen or the Data preview features.

This impacts products built on Eclipse 3.7-4.2.2. See

At this time the only way to resolve this problem while keeping all the RPE functionality is to uninstall the KB2977629 security update.

RPE Enablement – we need your feedback

We keep getting the following message from you, the RPE users: the RPE documentation/enablement is not sufficient.

This is a constant message and one of the reasons for starting this blog and other initiatives the RPE UA and development team are undertaking, such as preparing videos for the new features in our next RPE releases.

There are many things to write about RPE and the new/less known features of RPE are the obvious targets for the next articles. However what the development team might think is less known is not necessarily what end user does so for a more relevant content we need your direct feedback: for what features of RPE would you like to see more enablement material?

Your requests will have as result one or more of the following: posts on this blog, enhancements in the official RPE documentation, requests to the other Rational teams.

I’m looking forward for your answers here as comments so we can discuss them and see what would be of greater interest.

Up to date information and comments on RPE and Document Generation for Rational tools


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