RPE 1.3 OAuth problem

If you have upgraded to RPE 1.3 and you are experiencing login failures when connecting to data sources that use OAuth ( such as DNG) please follow the links below for more details and a the workaround you can use until a fix is made available.



UPDATE 2014.11.21

The workaround is to avoid some special characters in your password. Not all special characters are causing this problem, only those that need to be URL encoded such as “:”, “/”. “%” are. To determine if a character has to be encoded or not you can use online tools such as this one:


If a character remains unchanged in the”Encoded output” tab  than it can be used in the password without triggering the defect.

This is just a temporary workaround, we will provide a fix for this problem soon.

RPE 1.3 Performance – Fast Authentication

RPE introduced the experimental Fast OAuth, a capability that was disabled by default and was limited to OAuth.

RPE 1.3 enables the fast authentication by default and extends it to Form and Basic authentication too. The tests we’ve made show considerable improvements in the time required to generate documents with fast authentication enabled.

What to expect

  1. The performance gain is directly proportional to the number of requests RPE has to make to get the data: the more requests, the bigger the performance gain is.
  2. The performance gain is  inversely proportional to the size of the data returned by each request: the smaller the data, the larger the performance gain is as the % of the time spend to authenticate was also larger.

Test results

Here are some results obtained by our SVT and FVT teams:

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Validating the Output Configuration at Document Generation Start

RPE 1.3 makes a number of additional verifications when launching a document generation job, such as verifying the availability of the specified style sheets and more. These checks are added to detect errors early in the docgen process and avoid debugging an apparently incorrect RPE output.

The path specified for the Word stylesheet does not exist

NOTE: there are a couple of points at the end of this article for which I would like to have your feedback. Please see the User Feedback section.

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