Using the Java API example

RPE ships with an example application built on the java API. The source code for the application is found in %RPE_HOME%\lib\api\examples\

To build the application you need to follow the procedure described here: Building the sample application We use Eclipse as the development environment but you can use any Java IDE you want as long as it uses a Java 6 SDK. See Preparing the your environment to use the API

Once your application is built and you export it as a jar you can use it as described in the Command line switches for the example

More information on the API, such as most common use cases is available in the Using the Java API section of the RPE Infocenter.

A build of the example and a Windows script to launch it have been made available on the new RPE Wiki To use them you need to do the following:

  1. copy the SampleDocgen.jar in %RPE_HOME%\lib
  2. invoke SampleDocgen.bat with the full path of the DSX you want to run. If the path contains whitespaces you need to enclose it in “

Example:     SampleDocgen.bat “d:\rpe\test API\sample.dsx”

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