Printing DOORS Object Heading without line break

While extracting Object heading from DOORS using RPE, RPE will try to retain DOORS heading formatting and styles and the heading is put in a new line. For example, add Object ID or Heading Number before Object Heading in a RPE template as below:


Though you expect the RPE document to show Heading Number and Object Heading in same line, they will be shown in separate lines. Continue reading “Printing DOORS Object Heading without line break”

Retiring Legacy PDF Driver

We plan to retire the Legacy PDF Driver in the next release of RPE. The Legacy PDF Driver generates PDF documents and is replaced with the new PDF driver. The key points you need to know are:

1. The new PDF driver was introduced in 2012 and has been the default PDF document generation driver since then, as it provides better output formatting as well as a closer resemblance to MS Word output.
2. No improvements were made to the Legacy PDF driver in the last three years.
3. If the Legacy PDF driver is still being used, replace it with the new / default PDF driver.
a. If you notice any difference in the PDF document with the new PDF driver, the template would need minor modifications to tune it to the new PDF driver. Continue reading “Retiring Legacy PDF Driver”

Retiring Remote Services with Web Document Builder

We plan to retire the Remote Services (rpews) in the next release of RPE. The key points you need to know are:

1. Remote document generation from RPE Launcher / Studio will not be supported.
2. Report scheduling from RPE Launcher / Studio will not be supported.
3. Monitor and Control will not be supported from RPE Launcher / Studio.
4. We’ll plan to provide migration of basic assets from the old remote services to the newer Web Document Builder.

The better part is that all the key points above have support in RPE Web Document Builder. We encourage to use RPE Document Builder for producing documents from a web browser and for better collaboration of the artifacts within an organization.

OOTB Templates and Snippets in RPE 2.1

With RPE 2.1, a number of new out of the box snippets and templates are shipped for various resources like DNG modules, QM test plan, test cases, RTC work items, Design Manager models, etc. This would allow quick start on document generation without worrying about finding the schema, building the initial template.

Check out RPE_HOME\templates and RPE_HOME\snippets directory for snippets and templates for products like DNG, RQM, RTC, DM, DOORS, etc.

Continue reading “OOTB Templates and Snippets in RPE 2.1”

Share variable across templates

There might be a scenario where you want to share a variable value across templates within a document specification. This is not supported directly using RPE template variable. However this could be achieved using Java system variable.

Note: Once the Java system variable is set, the variable value is available during future document generation until RPE Launcher / Studio is restarted. Hence, make sure to reset such variable value at the beginning of the template to avoid unnecessary results.

During concurrent document generation, if same variable name is used, it could result in inconsistent value. Hence, create a very unique variable name for using across document specifications. You could log (using _sessionLogger) the variable value before using them for printing. Continue reading “Share variable across templates”