[Update 2011.11.08 – the fix list is now updated on the IBM site]

The latest and greatest version of RPE,, is now available. RPE addresses a large percent of the known RPE defects. Some information on this release:

In addition to the consistent lists of defects being addressed in this release there are a couple of important traits to be observed.

  • license server change Telelogic License Server 2.0 is no longer supported. The only supported license server is Rational License Key Server 8.1.1 and future mod levels.
  • true fixpack– this is the first RPE Fixpack where the installer contains only the delta from the previous version. The size of the installer is ~98 MB in size.
    Note that applying the update will not change RPE’s installation folder
  • documentation updates – the work on restructuring the Infocenter, providing more relevant and useful  documentation continued int RPE and continues still. We are introducing more “how to achieve this output” entries in our Infocenter to help users with common scenarios. See Formatting a table for an example of how we want our Infocenter to look like.
  • refresh of the Word and PDF output – this was a long standing wish of the RPE team. With this refresh the quality of the Word and especially PDF output is greatly enhanced.
    • Word: better support for Office 2007/2010, including the ability to use docx, dotx etc as stylesheets
    • Word: “autofit to window” results closer to the ones obtained in Office as the content of the cells is now taking into account and all columns are resized. Formatting a table
    • Word: support for vector graphics (wmf, emf)
    • New PDF: output significantly closer to the Word output. How to enable the new PDF driver in RPE
    • New PDF: ability to use Word stylesheets similar to the Word output
    • New PDF: support for a set of Word fields

There is a down side of this release. Despite our best efforts the New PDF output has a number of unresolved problems. See Known issues with the New PDF driver in IBM Rational Publishing Engine for details. This is the reason for preserving the old PDF driver as the default one.

On the other hand the output quality and potential of the new PDF driver are the reasons for including it in the release. The long term plan is to resolve the issues with the new PDF issues and make it the default PDF driver in RPE.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

2 thoughts on “RPE”

  1. Not quite sure how a change as significant as “Telelogic License Server 2.0 is no longer supported” came to be included in a fix pack?

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