Word Level 10+ Headings

Microsoft Word supports headings up to level 9 and in some cases that is not sufficient. There are however ways of generating headings up to level 19.

The level 10+ headings generated using this technique look&feel&act like any of the 1-9 headings. The solution is applying in the RPE context and using the RPE tools the technique described here

  • use STYLEREF fields to refer the heading 9 number
  • use a new list to number the heading 10+ headings

In addition using a paragraph style for all the level 10+ headings will allow them to appear in the Table of Contents. You can define a style for each new level ( Heading_10, Heading_11 etc) or you can use a single style ( Heading_10Plus). I prefer the second approach as it’s easier to implement & maintain and at the same time it simplifies writing the Table of Contents field.

The RPE template, Word stylesheet that needs to be used and the output demonstrating this technique are available here [DevWorks Community Library]. Note both the field codes used for numbering as well as the field code for the Table of Contents.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

One thought on “Word Level 10+ Headings”

  1. Hi,
    Where can I find the template to achieve this? Link is old.

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