RPE 1.2

I’m happy to announce that RPE 1.2 is now available. This is the result of more than 1 year of planning and development and is the biggest release since the original 1.0 version. Significant changes and new features have been added to the product with the main goal of improving RPE’s usability, reuse and consumability.

For a quick intro to RPE 1.2, how to download it, installation instructions, “what’s new” and more please check download document. And here is the Announcement letter.

And here is the More to follow.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

8 thoughts on “RPE 1.2”

  1. RPE 1.2 is, at first sight, the biggest step backward since the original 1.0 version.
    The properties tab moved from the right to the bottom. As a fundamental functionality, the properties can now only be accessed by scrolling and clicking around inside the very small bottom area. Very time consuming. When resizing the bottom area, the editing area becomes very small. When moving the properties tab to the right again, it is to big to work with.
    I didn’t have the chance to take a look at the rest because with such a fundamental change, I needed to uninstall RPE 1.2 and moved back to RPE

  2. I’m sory to hear that the properties view is making your RPE 1.2 experience this bad. I assume this is caused by a relatively small screen resolution and we’ll be working with the UX team to see what can be done to improve RPE’s usability for low screen size.

  3. Yes, you are right. RPE was okay to work with on a 19″ screen with 1280×1024 pixels.
    What screen resolution did you design RPE 1.2 for?

  4. I find Document Studio and the Properties View usable in 1280×800 resolution (https://rpeactual.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=676) and above.You have to scroll vertically, which you had to do more for, but not so much horizontally. But on that resolution I have re-sized the left and right panels as much as I could to leave most of the room for the main area that includes the properties.

    This is both on a 15″ laptop screen as well as on a bigger desktop screen but in both cases the screen is 16:9 and that might have helped.

    Also note that on the advanced tab ( https://rpeactual.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=677) you have the old way of displaying properties, the name-value tree of properties that might work better in this scenario.

    I hope you manage to get around this issue as their are many excellent features in 1.2.

  5. It’s worth noting that the bottom-centre location of properties and other tabs is common across many Eclipse-based tools and has always been that way. We’ve never known anything

    In Eclipse-based tools to make any view full screen, you can just double-click on the view’s tab.

    In Rational Software Architect, if you need more screen real-estate, you just double-click on the diagram tab and the view expands to full screen. This works well in RSA because you don’t
    need the diagram palette – whenever you hover in a diagram, a context-sensitive menu of tools appears. Maybe this is something that could be considered for RPE.

    In Rational Application Developer, sections of code can be expanded and collapsed to give a bigger-picture view. Again, maybe this is something that could be considered for RPE – the ability to collapse and expand containers perhaps.

    Meanwhile, when I need a bigger-picture view of a template I’m happy to toggle between normal and full-screen by double-clicking on the template window tab.

  6. Is anyone having problems installing 1.2 on Windows 7 32-bit? I am getting an error –
    “Error during “install” phase:
    Plug-in “com.ibm.cic.agent.core.nativeInstallAdapter.win32” was unable to instantiate class

    1. If you haven’t done this allready I recommend you ask this on the DevWorks forum. That is the better place to get support for this type of issues. Make sure you provide details on which packages you selected.

      Other than that what I would suggest is:
      – make sure you run as admin
      – uninstall any existing RPE first
      – try installing in a shorter path ( the default should work fine)

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