An Introduction to RPE 1.2

RPE 1.2 is designed to address many of the usability, reuse and consumability issues of the previous versions. Unlike previous versions the approach we have used in 1.2 is a holistic one that subsumes individual RFEs to major themes, themes that spawn across multiple releases. 

The attached Introduction to RPE 1.2 presentation is, as the name implies, an introduction to the main themes in RPE 1.2 and the individual features that implement them. Please consult the RPE 1.2 Infocenter for details on the individual features described in the presentation.

More to follow.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

6 thoughts on “An Introduction to RPE 1.2”

  1. Fantastic work Dragos & team; these improvements are hugely beneficial, and go a long way to addressing the reuse “ceiling” that power users have hit in the past. Bravo!

    1. RPE 1.2 can generate docs from CLM 4. Do note that when you design templates to be used from within CLM ( or any other product or older RPE versions) you must create templates with version 1. No Rational product currently support version 2 templates.

  2. Do I understand that correctly — do you mean that if you develop a template in RPE 1.2 it cannot be executed from any Rational CLM GUI (i.e., RRDG) — so using the Launcher is the only option for users to generate reports? Also, we are developing templates in that access CLM applications in addition to 7.1.x legacy tools (ReqPro, CQ, & ClearCase). We are planning to upgrade to CLM 4.0.1 — will our existing templates be upward compatible, or will they need to be re-created (or converted somehow)? Thanks.

    1. Correct on both accounts:
      – version 2 templates can only be run from Launcher. If you want to design templates for RRDG use you need to use version 1
      – existing templates work as they are in 1.2 If you edit them in Studio make sure to select version 1 when asled if you want to use them with RRDG

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