What’s new in RPE 1.2: Properties View

One of the long standing requirements we had for RPE Document Studio was to make the Properties View more aligned with what users have learned to expect from visual editors.

So in RPE 1.2 we’ve went from this


to this


The old tree view is still available in the Advanced tab of the new Properties View.

The new properties view follows the grouping the old tree-like view used. Each element has a “Generic” property tab where you will find properties like the name, description, master page assignment, conditions, assignments etc.


Elements that have queries on them will also have a data tab where you can see the query, sort filter, query limit etc.


Than, depending on the element you will see pages for editing specific aspects of that element.


All the other properties are common ( not all are available to all the elements though) and are grouped by their nature ex Font properties ( name, color, size), Indentation properties etc.

The new properties view requires more screen real estate than the old ones. This is why we have moved the default location from the bottom right side of Studio to the bottom center. Even then in some screen resolutions the properties view is still not big enough and makes using Studio difficult. There are a couple of Studio layout options that can help improve this.

Move the properties view to the bottom of the screen so it uses the full width:


Detach the properties view ( right click on it and choose Detach). The properties view will hover on top of Studio editor.


To reattach it you need to right click on the “Properties” window and deselect “Detached”; the properties view will re-attach itself to the right panel in Studio from where you can drag it to the bottom part. Alternatively you can use the “Reset perspective” function from the “Window” menu.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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