Producing large documents with RPE

When creating large Word but especially PDF documents in RPE it is possible for the process to fail with an Out of Memory error. The RPE Infocenter describe several solutions for solving Out of Memory Errors.

Some of those methods are specific to a certain output,  such as the multi part Word output, while others are specific to a certain RPE release. Such is the case for the ability to use 64 bit JREs which can access memory beyond the 1.5/1.8 GB that the 32 bit JREs are limited to.

Note that support for 64 bit JREs is limited to the RPE WebServices and the RPE Java API, RPE Launcher and RPE Document Studio can run only on a 32 bit JRE and tolerate 64 bit systems ( see bitness support in the linked documents).

The RPE WebService can be deployed on both 32 as well as 64 bit App Servers and will run as is. For an application built on the Java API to run on a 64 bit JRE the only change needed is to use the licensing dll/so from %RPE_HOME%/lib/64 folder instead of %RPE_HOME%/lib.  For that you need to add %RPE_HOME%/lib/64 to the system’s path location ( PATH variable in Windows) or copy the native library in such a location.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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