Creating Reports on Rhapsody Models with Rational Publishing Engine v1.2

Andy Lapping has put together an excellent tutorial on generating documents with RPE from Rhapsody Models. The tutorial assumes very little RPE knowledge  from the viewer and it introduces all the components and concepts used including very new concepts such  as the Central Library. At the same time the tutorial never loses focus and everything  that is presented serves achieving the end goal: generating a document from a Rhapsody Model.

Part 1

Part 2

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

6 thoughts on “Creating Reports on Rhapsody Models with Rational Publishing Engine v1.2”

  1. Hello Dragos,
    Is there a more advanced or in depth tutorial available for RPE 1.2? I’m quite new to the tool and i am mostly interested on learning how to report from IBM Rhapsody. Thanks!

  2. Hello Dragos, Is there a more advanced or in-depth tutorial available for RPE with Rhapsody? I’m really interested on filtering options to extract specific data. Thanks!

    1. Salut Andrei,

      the tutorial linked in this post I think is the best Rhapsody tutorial I am aware of. Other than this and the Rhapsdody related topics on this blog I recommend you check the RPE DevWorks forum and the other resources in the links section of the blog. Reporting Arena for example has a few tutorials, including a Rhapsody one.


  3. Hello Dragos

    Could you please help me on using count variable with RPE for model in Rhapsody. Example – I have 5 blocks in Rhapsody model and want to get the total count(i.e 5 in my case) of blocks in the generated report.

    1. Hey Rajesh,

      the process is rather simple:
      – define an internal variable with the default value set to 0
      – using an assignment or a JavaScript Block increment the value inside your query
      – print the value

      A sample template for this is linked below. The template should work with RPE 1.2 but I really recommend you move to the latest RPE version 1.3.


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