Choosing the PDF output type in RRC’s built-in Document Generation UI

Rational Requirements  Composer uses RRDG to provide document generation capabilities to its users directly from the RRC Web UI. RRDG is the same engine that RPE uses (see RRDG vs RPE) but the UI and capabilities exposed by RRC are different from RPE. Also the RRC UI employs a different vocabulary than the one used in RPE and in the case of the PDF output’s UI understanding this vocabulary can make a very large difference in how the output looks.

RRC gives the user the choice of producing a PDF optimized for performance and a sophisticated one.

Sophisticated formatting


Performance optimised


The choice has considerable implications in the execution of the report and the quality of the output as it determine which RRDG PDF Output Driver is used:

  • performance optimized – uses the Legacy PDF driver
  • sophisticated formatting – uses the standard (new) PDF driver in RPE

The differences between the Legacy Driver and New PDF  Driver are described here.

In a nutshell the Legacy PDF Driver should only be used for producing very large PDF documents ( 3000-4000+ pages) while the New PDF Driver should be used in all other scenarios.  The Legacy PDF Driver has many formatting limitations compared to the new one and it’s put on backwards compatibility mode now.

A quick way to determine if you are using the Legacy PDF Driver is to look at the table of contents: if the TOC has no page numbers the document was most likely produced with the Legacy PDF Driver.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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