Troubleshooting Q&A

Q: What fixes are available for my installed RPE version.
Fix packs are available from IBM Fix Central. Check if there is a fix pack published for your current release.
Example: the fixpacks applicable to the RPE 1.2 release are listed here.
Check the RPE Support Page for a list of known defects and possible workarounds or hotfixes.

Q: Where can I find a list of supported operating systems ?
A: See the Systems Requirements Page. If you ever loose this link you can find it on the links section.

Q: What do the Xmx and Xms flags do in the ini ?
A: Xms specifies the amount of memory the JVM should allocate at start. I am yet to find a scenario where this is useful/required to chage from the default value.
Xmx – sets the maximum ammount of memory the JVM can use. For 32 bit processes ( Launcher/Studio) this is limited to ~1.5GB on Windows. See this for more details on how to set this value:

Q: How would a user get a log file to send to support ?
A: RPE log files are located in the %TEMP%\RPE folder. On Windows if you open Windos Explorer and put this in the address bar (%TEMP%\RPE) you will be taken to that folder where you will find a number of log files called rpe*.log.

With the default settings shipped with RPE a maximum of 5 log files is kept and each file has a maximum of 1 MB. You can change the max number of log files RPE keeps and their max size by changing the in %RPE_HOME%\config\
More information on log4j can be found here:

For more troubleshooting tips see the troubleshooting posts from this blog.

The official RPE Support Page from the RPE Product Page at IBM is also very useful as it contains all the technotes published by the RPE dev&support teams.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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