HotFix for Dynamic Data Source Performance

We’ve recently identified a severe performance problem with RPE . That problem affects all templates that use Dynamic Data Sources. The impact of this defect increases with the number of DDS you use in the template. Nesting DDS can bring RPE to a crawl even for very small documents.

This problem typically affects traceability reports and CLM reports as they require DDS usage but it will be seen with other data source types if dynamic data sources are used. The performance impact can be quite dramatic as we’ve seen documents running for several hours when they should have taken take less than 1 minute.

In some cases the impact can be difficult to observe as the document would still finish in minutes. So even if your reports do not perfectly fit the above description I recommend downloading the hot-fix.

NOTE RPE hot-fixes are cumulative  and this fix also includes fixes for other problems, mainly formatting issues. So before deploying it in a production environment make sure you verify it in a sandbox.

The test fix is available through IBMs Fix Portal and a direct link to the fix is provided here.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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