Publishing DNG/RRC modules

Modules are a relatively new but very interesting feature of Requirements Composer and DOORS Next Generation. Geoffrey Rosenthal has set up an example of using RPE for producing documents from such modules. These templates should not be treated like a gold standard but rather that they outline an approach for doing this.

The templates, document specification and sample outputs are available here.

NOTE: you need RRC 4.0.5 and RPE 1.2.1 with the latest hotfixes applied.

For more information on reporting from RRC see  and for information geared specifically towards RPE/RRDG check

More information is available on a number of RRC work items on


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

9 thoughts on “Publishing DNG/RRC modules”

  1. Wanting to update schema files in RPE templates to point to new schemas where 5.0 is installed to prepare for upgrade but not sure how to do that, as I want to change to another server location and update the schema file in my RPE templates to points to new schemas without having to redo the entier template. I looked up Updating schema files in RPE instructs and it says to update file manually, just changing servername broke it, so I am definately missing something. How do update from https://servername/rm/publish/modules?metadata=schema to https://newservername_where5.0installed/rm/publish/modules?metadata=schema schema file without adding new schema to tempalte and redoing entire template to point to all new queries for new schemas that need updated. Is there a way?

    1. Hey Michele,

      if you right click the data source in the outline view you should see an option “Replace schema”. In that dialog provide the URL to the new schema. If the new schema is not compatible with the old schema than RPE will prompt you to provide replacements for the queries in the template that are not found in the new schema. If you can provide replacements for all of them RPE will try to do the replacement.

      Please note that this is a “best effort” from the RPE side to cope with changes in the Reportable APIs and will not work for all templates.

      NOTE: make sure you make a backup copy of the templates before you attempt this operation.


  2. Yeah, it doesn’t work…get the CRRPE0058E
    The schema could not be replaced as not all queries can be resolved by the new one, but RPE does not give me a dialog to resolve anything. I will keep hunting 😦 thanks for the help.

  3. After I right-click and select Replace Schema… I get the Select a file dialog box. I select “Open Local or Remote” and denter location in the Location: field. The only check box here is the “Default to this view when working with files.” checkbox. I then click OK. Provide my login credintials, and then click OK. I am never given any other dialog box. just the error message, although it looks like something quickly pops up and dissappears before the error message box. Yes. I am using RPE

    1. Yes. And if you check %TEMP%\rpe.log you might find additional information on why the error occurred. And I think I might know what the issue is. Let me do some tests and get back to you ( tommorrow).

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