Extracting DOORS information via the OSLC API

UPDATE 2014.09.11: the schema entry point is main.xsd not oscl_rm.xsd. Thanks to Geoff and Paul for pointing this out.

The best way to extract information with RPE from DOORS is via the native DOORS driver in RPE. There is however 1 scenario where going through the DOORS native driver is very difficult to design and inefficient at runtime. The scenario is producing a document from RQM artifacts which have DOORS linked data.

This post contains the video my colleague Kumar has prepared on how to setup RPE to work with DWA  as well as a brief textual description of the process.

: the information exposed by DOORS through the OSLC APIs (DWA) is limited compared to the one available through the DOORS native driver. If you use DOORS as a starting point in your report you should always use the native DOORS driver as its the best and most efficient way to get DOORS data into RPE.

The RQM artifacts are linked to DOORS requirements using OSLC APIs which are nothing more than DWA URLs . To get from these URLs to identifiers that can be used to configure a native DOORS driver instance in RPE you need to parse the URLs. This approach has several downsides”:

  • parsing URLs in client code is a bad practice
  • inefficient – for each linked requirement RPE will make a separate request to DOORS.
  • requires DOORS to be installed

For this scenario the easiest and most efficient way to get the information is to have RPE follow the OSLC links into DOORS and pull the data though DWA.


  • RPE 1.2.1 and above version should be installed
  • DWA up and running
  • Consumer key and secret are setup in the DOORS client
  • a schema for DWA data – you need to build this schema manually as there is no service to offer it. A sample DWA schema is available here: RPE DWA Schema Example
    The entry point of the schema is main.xsd

Steps to enable RPE to extract data through the OSLC API

  1. Edit oslcServiceProviders.xml in RPE_HOME\config
    • insert/update base URL, pattern, consumer key and secret fields for DOORS Web Access
    • RPE ships with an oslcServiceProviders-sample.xml which you can rename after editing the fields
  2. How to find the DWA URL
    • Logon to DWA to find URL or retrieve the info from the DOORS client
  3. Set Authentication type as OAuth-OLSC in the document specification



Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

5 thoughts on “Extracting DOORS information via the OSLC API”

  1. Question from the jazz.net facebook page:
    To run the same application in Eclipse IDE or in RAD , do we need any plug-in?

  2. Is it possible to utilse the same approach when an RPE template is uploaded as a Jazz report resource? I.e. can you configure the oslcServiceProviders.xml on the Jazz server?

  3. Do you have any more details on how to manually build the DWA Schema? I have tried to use the sample schema to fetch the data from the linked requirement and it works for one of my DOORS databases, but not another. I had hoped to use FireFox Poster to study the XML returned from the URL that RPE uses, but haven’t been able to get that to work. So, I thought I would come here to try and get some help for manual schema discovery.

    Thank you,

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