How to move queries?

While designing templates it is sometimes needed to move a query. There are many reasons to do that and a concrete example would be to refactor templates as described in Best practices for table design

RPE Document Studio enables to move queries in a non destructive way as long as the new query location does not invalidate any of the queries in the template.


Using the above example I want to transform the template so that it creates a single table. To do this I want to move query $1 from the container outside the table to the container inside the table. the steps needed to do this are:

1. Select  the element where you want to move the query. Right click and select cut query


2. Select the element where you want to move the query. Right click and select paste query if enabled.

2.a  RPE will not allow you move the query in a location that invlidates other query. In this example you cannot move the query directly on the row as that would invalidate the JavaScript code which uses data ( Object Heading) from the query.


2.b The paste query is enabled for the inside container.


3. Paste the query – results

Once the paste is complete the query is moved and all existing data references are preserved.




Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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