Free RPE Webinars

UPDATE: there has been a change in the schedule of the webinars. See the new schedule below.

GEBS Reporting is providing a series of free Webinars on RPE and related technologies. The current offering is listed below. For more information and up to date information check their webinars page.

  • Tuesday July 29th – An Introduction to Document GenerationRegister now
  • Tuesday August 12th – Getting Started With Rational Publishing EngineRegister now
  • Tuesday August 26th – Introducing Author XG: the future of document generation
  • September TBA – Introducing Reporting Central: the modular CMS for RPE and Author XG
  • September TBA –Advanced hints, tips & tricks for RPE and friends
  • October TBA – End to end document generation with RPE, Author XG, Reporting Central and Web Publisher
  • October TBA – Generating documents across the SDLC



Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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