RPE Stability Testing

The RPE SVT team ( System Verification Test) performs periodically what we call a “long run” test of RPE. This test involves running a large number ( 6000) of remote document generations. The jobs are started using the RPE Launcher Command Line API.

The purpose of this test is to observe the stability of RPE and measure if any degradation of performance, which would indicate a resource leak, is observed over the duration of the tests.

The SVT team uses the Monitor&Control service to verify the observe the test.


Each document generation uses a data set consisting of 30.000 elements which come in 30 pages at 1000 elements per page. The output is a Word document that has ~1800 pages and 50 MB in size. On the test machine each document generation takes ~1.5 minutes.

Below are the latest results of this test carried on the current RPE development build.

#Day Date No Of Jobs
1 2014-07-14 300
2 2014-07-15 821
3 2014-07-16 819
4 2014-07-17 815
5 2014-07-18 820
6 2014-07-19 824
7 2014-07-20 817
8 2014-07-21 784

Total #jobs 6000

You can observe that the number of document generation jobs completed per day is consistent with the exception of the first and last day as the test does not start nor it ends at 12:00 AM. This in turn means that the document generation time remains consistent over the 8 days of testing and there is no impact on the test machine from running RPE. Also during the spawn of the 7 days of testing no error was observed, all the 6000 document generation jobs finished successfully.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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