How to avoid empty tables in the Word and PDF output

It is quite common for the documents generated with RPE to include tables and just as often the content of those tables is dynamic, based on the results of a query. Typically these tables have one header row which contains the labels of the data. In these circumstances if there is no data to populate the body of the table output will contain only the empty shell of the table or a table having only the header row.

Both outcomes are usually not desirable and have to be dealt with. Excluding macro based solutions, prior to the only way to avoid empty tables for the Word/PDF output was to programmatically exclude the table using variables and JavaScript.

RPE  offers a new table property called “remove if empty” which when set to true will cause the table to be removed from the output if it has no rows or has only header rows.


NOTE: the property’s default value is false to ensure older templates ran in produce the same output as the older RPE versions.

The property can also be applied to table rows to avoid rows with no cells.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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