Internet Explorer KB2977629 crash – a solution and a possible fix from Microsoft

In a previous post, MS Internet Explorer 11 security update KB2977629 is incompatible with the version of Eclipse that is used by RPE, I described the problems caused by Microsoft Security Update KB2977629 on machines where Internet Explorer 11 is installed.

A solution that worked for us on all the machines we’ve tested is listed below:

  1. uninstall KB2977629
  2. install  update 2929437 if not already installed
  3. reinstall KB2977629

Step 2 should not be needed normally since KB2929437 is marked as a dependency of KB2977629  and thus it should be installed by Microsoft Update already.

At the same time Microsoft has released on October 14th the security update MS14-056: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer.  This update seems to address the problems introduced by KB2977629 as its documented on the fix list of the update and confirmed by a number users in the Eclipse Bug 444005


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer KB2977629 crash – a solution and a possible fix from Microsoft”

  1. This KB2929437 crashing thing was bothering me for weeks. I even reinstalled IE and it was crashing again. After new update I finally don’t have this error.
    Thank you for help and share!


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