Install RPE 1.3 from the online repository

To install RPE you can download the RPE image and install from the local repository or you can install directly from the online repository. You can use this option both for fresh installs as well as for upgrading from supported versions of RPE.

The procedure is fairly straightforward:

  1. start Installation Manager
  2. open the Add Repository page ( File > Preferences > Add Repository)
  3. in the repository field enter
  4. enter your IBM ID and password
  5. close the preferences window
  6. choose the Install option


NOTE: RPE 1.3 requires Installation Manager 1.7.3 so if you have an older version,  Installation Manager will first update itself.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

5 thoughts on “Install RPE 1.3 from the online repository”

  1. Hi Dragos,
    Can I download the RPE1.3 user manual from a direct link? I cant seem to find this easily.

    I am waiting for our system admin people to install RPE 1.3, but it is taking quite a while, and I would like to know the changes before I get to use it.

      1. Hi Dragos,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! The reason I asked for the user manual is because I am new to RPE. Starting to learn with 1.1 seems unnatural when the current version is 1.3, especially as there are many changes and improvements in the ways of working with the later version.
        I really do not want to learn ways of doing something, when ultimately it will be changed (e.g multiple templates, multiple sources etc). I have had a look at the links provided, and they are very useful, but ultimately I need the user manual to see how to generate the reports properly. If not in PDF format, is there any other way to access the 1.3 Help? even online would be ok

        Thanks for your help

      2. Another source of good information, especially useful when you start learning RPE are recorded webinars.

        See for the Gebs Webinars that cover RPE from basic topics to advanced ones.

        Also see these recordings which are very good for beginners. The list contains with a video entitled “Introduction to Rational Publishing Engine v1.2 for Beginners” and continues with specific scenarios.

        If you still are on 1.1 I strongly recommend moving to a newer version as 1.1 is a very old tool and there have been a ton of improvements and fixes made since then.


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