CRRPE3126I – Memory threshold message in RPE 1.3

One of the you first things you might have observed with RPE 1.3 is the 3126I message which is shown for each document generation:

CRRPE3126I Setting a warning on pool Java heap for memory usage more than 921 MB (90% of the maximum allowed heap size). If the heap size grows over this limit a warning message will be logged.

3126I is an information message and part of the serviceability improvements made for RPE 1.3. RPE 1.3 monitors the memory usage during document generation and if the memory usage exceeds the defined threshold is exceeded a second message is shown. This message is repeated for every percent over the limit.

CRRPE3125W Java heap has exceeded the threshold of 1013 MB(99 % of maximum allowed heap space). 1023 MB of memory has been used from maximum of 1024 MB.

The purpose of these message

It is important to note that RPE takes no actions when the memory usage exceeds the defined threshold. The messages are not superfluous though and here are the reasons for introducing these messages:

  1. help RPE administrators fine tune the memory allocation for RPE
  2. for OOM errors give an indication on the actual error as the exceptions thrown in these scenarios are not always clearly linked to memory depletion (ex: no more handles …)
  3. indicate the parts of the document generation that take up the most memory using the current context of the log

NOTE: RPE should be able to produce most documents in the default 1024 MB of heap. Out of Memory errors normally indicate either an exceedingly large input data or a flaw in the template.

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Changing the threshold

By default RPE/RRDG use 90% as the memory treshold and you can change using the Java property. To disable the monitoring simply set the value of this flag to 0 in rpe-launcher.ini and rpe-studio.ini

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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