RPE 1.3 Serviceability – Extended Error Information

This article continues to document the serviceability improvements made with Rational Publishing Engine 1.3 with a discussion on improved error reporting of:

  1. Output errors
  2. Java Script errors
  3. Input errors (XML errors)

Critical errors caused by exceptions in the output part of the document generation provide information on the template element that caused the error in addition to the error message. Since Element IDs are visible in RPE 1.3 you can locate them in the template using the search capabilities.


JavaScript errors

RPE will show context information as all for Java Script errors if “Core Debug Mode” is enabled. See RPE 1.3 – Redesigned Core Mode for more details.

The context information logged by RPE 1.3 includes: the element id and where the script is used such as formatting property/element content/condition/assignment. The additional information includes the value of the variables and data properties at the start of the expression as well as their values at the time when the error was produced.


Input Errors

With Core Debug Mode enabled RPE provides additional information to help the user localize the problem in the XML file. Due to how XML parsers work the best RPE can do is show the XML content read prior to the error occurring.

With core debug mode the downloaded files are preserved and their location is reported in the log so you can further analyze them in an XML editor or a browser.



Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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