Validating the Output Configuration at Document Generation Start

RPE 1.3 makes a number of additional verifications when launching a document generation job, such as verifying the availability of the specified style sheets and more. These checks are added to detect errors early in the docgen process and avoid debugging an apparently incorrect RPE output.

The path specified for the Word stylesheet does not exist

NOTE: there are a couple of points at the end of this article for which I would like to have your feedback. Please see the User Feedback section.

The validation checks performed by RPE 1.3 are listed below:

  1. Word
    • the stylesheet is not accessible
    • a macro was specified but not a stylesheet
    • a document password was provided but a macro was also specified (macros cannot be run on password protected documents)
    • a document password was specified for a multipart Word output (password protection is not supported for mutipart documents)
  2. PDF
    • the stylesheet is not accessible
  3. HTML
    • the stylesheet is not accessible
  4. Xsl-Fo
    • none

Disabling the confirmation prompt

You can disable RPE from showing this confirmation dialog by checking the “Do not show this message” option.  Once you;ve done that RPE Launcher will not show the message prompt again until restarted. Restarting RPE Launcher/Studio is the only way to re-enable this prompt.

NOTE: disabling the prompt does not disable the validation checks. RPE will continue to make the validation checks and record the problems in the “Problems View”.


User feedback

  1. what additional validation checks you would like to see added in RPE?
  2. would you like to have a way to permanently disable ( and re-enable it if needed)?
  3. contrary to #2 would you like to have this prompt always and remove the possibility to disable it?

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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