RPE and DOORS Web Access

I’m writing this as a response to what seems to be a surge in interest for reporting on DOORS 9 data through the DOORS Web Access, or DWA. This integration is documented in the RPE Infocenter here and on my blog here.

The main point of this article is the scope and limitations of this integration. The RPE-DWA has been added to support exclusively traceability reports  that start from other products (ex: RQM) and use DOORS 9 requirements through DOORS’ OSLC API. As such the RPE-DWA integration is only meant to support retrieving a single requirement at a time through it’s DWA URL.

For all and any scenario where multiple requirements are needed, such as getting the content of a module/view, the traditional DOORS 9 route is the only supported method.

As a rule of a thumb you should you should never use DWA as the starting point for a report. These URLs must be obtained dynamically from other data  sources in your report.

It has to be noted as well that the DOORS OSLC API is not reportable which has two main implications for RPE and document generation. First this API lacks support for OLEs and images which means that only text content will be served correctly. Second there is no XML schema provided with the API (there is not a ?metadata=schema URL) nor there is a way to “discover” such a schema as we have for DOORS 9. The DWA example schema we have provided has been created manually from instances of the data.

To summarize the above for all scenarios other than the one explicitly stated above the RPE-DWA integration is not a viable nor is a supported alternative to the traditional RPE-DOORS 9 integration.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

2 thoughts on “RPE and DOORS Web Access”

  1. Will IBM be updating DWA API to be more supportive of RPE, in the future? It would be nice to be able to run all reports completely outside of DOORS (i.e. not need the local client co-located with RPE).

  2. I have tried using the sample DWA Schema XML stylesheet with mixed results. I have one DOORS database it works fine with and then I have another that isn’t returning any data. I suspect the attributes I am using aren’t being used in the one that doesn’t work. I would like to try modifying the schema, but am having problems understanding how it is structured and how it maps to DOORS attributes. Do you have any references for maually creating a schema or guidance on adjusting the sample?

    Thank you,

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