Defect: queries can be pasted in master pages

We’ve recently discovered a defect in RPE Document Studio affecting RPE and older: queries can be copy-pasted from the main template content in the master page header/footer section. Once the a template is saved it cannot be opened again in Launcher or Studio.

RPE Document Studio shows “Failed to create the part’s controls” in the editor area and a null pointer exception in the details window.

Until this defect is fixed please ensure that elements copied from the body content in the header/footer do not have data queries assigned to them.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

2 thoughts on “Defect: queries can be pasted in master pages”

  1. Hi Dragos,

    I have seen also in 1.3 that if you have 2 templates one old and one new and in the old one you have a table or items that you some kind of query in there and you copy elements from first template to the new the data source appears in the new template. When you save and try to open the new template then command failes and the new template is unusable.

    Also I have seen that if in the document studio you put the 2 templates side by side (one template is new) and you click from one template to the other the datasource view is not updated and a datasource cannot be created with the same name in the empty template. The starnge thing is in the new template you can create queries with a datasource that does not really exist, but when you save and open it again everything has disapeard.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hey Costas,

      this sounds like a defect and a related one at that. Can you raise this through the support channel please so we can investigate it alongside with this one?


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