Custom templates in DNG’s Quick Print menu

When you register a custom template  DNG the template will appear in the Reports->Generate a Document-style report and in the “Quick Print” menu.


This may seem convenient but it is actually a problem since the Quick Print  ( Generate a Report for this View) menu is not functionally equivalent to the Reports one for custom reports.

The difference between using one or the other is in the URL that DNG will configure the report with. The URL ( the data) set by DNG’s Quick Print function is the URL for the current view and not the URL of the module or of the selected artifact(s).  The view data is meant to be used with templates using the View schema of DNG but as that schema is private no custom templates can use it, only OOTB ones do. So as the data will not match the template schema the reports will always be empty.

Until this issue is fixed and custom templates are hidden from the Quick Print you should not use custom templates from the Quick Print option of DNG. All custom templates should be used from the Reports->Generate a Document-Style report menu.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

3 thoughts on “Custom templates in DNG’s Quick Print menu”

  1. Instead of just hiding the custom reports, perhaps a better solution is to filter the reports listed based on whether View is listed in the Context of the manifest? I propose this because the quick print for Collections appears to only list reports with collection in the manifest, but not sure that is how the list is being filtered. Curious what others may think. I know this is not an RPE issue, and am anxiously awaiting the DNG fix. Thanks for all your assistance with this matter! You rock!

    1. You are right Michele, the solution is to filter (hide) the reports that are not specifically designed for the Quick Print, which in this case means “View” being present in the context from manifest. And this applies to all other places where reports are shown and the matching context values. That is what I meant but my wording was not detailed enough.

  2. This appears be fixed in DNG 6.0, with APAR 93904 “Avoid to display custom reports in module context from quick print button”. Awaiting install to verify.

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