RPEActual Topic Requests

The feedback from Interconnect 2015 as well as the feedback I received through various other channel is that aside from complex topics like doing traceability reports or cutting edge new techniques like using RPE with JRS simpler scenarios, techniques and best practices should be covered on rpeactual.com and in our help system.

I will use this post as a collection of the requests I receive and I would like to ask you to add your own requests via comments.

Basic usage

  • Building different kinds of headers (table looking or not)
  • Handling a TOC
  • Handling external styles from Word
  • Grouping and sorting your dataset to make them ready for output in a certain order
  • Simple calculations in the report (subtotals, count of,…)
  • Building a PDF report looking as a Powerpoint slide as this is not possible to build directly
  • Cell or Text color automatically set based either on a calculation or the value of another attribute
  • Basic charts
  • Using containers to filter an initial query dataset based on other attributes of the data source

Best practices

  • Naming of text element? Useful or not?
  • Putting related text elements into a container? Useful or not?
  • Best ways to document a template
  • Best way to use Central management in order to distribute reports to users

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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