RPE 2.0 Beta – Q&A

I’ve received some very good questions on email for the RPE 2.0 Beta and I want to share them along with their answers here.


Q: How do you intend to deal with separate organizations. I’m sure that Company X would not be keen on having Company Y looking at their templates + docs (and vice versa).

A: the RPE 2.0 Bluemix deployment is meant to show what the application can do and how it will do it. In other words the Bluemix deployment is the easiest way for us to provide an installed version of the Web UI for our users to try with no additional setup. When RPE 2.0 is released the web application will be included in the installer so each organisations can deploy it in its own network.

Also in the Bluemix deployment a user’s documents, templates and reports are private, no other beta user can access them. On a private deployment the templates and reports are shared while the documents are still private.


Q: Will it eventually be available as a Bluemix Service that one can instantiate as part of an App?

A: yes. The Web Application that you see on Bluemix has 2 parts: the Web UI and a set of core services. The core services which are named DGaaS ( DocGen as a Service) expose a REST API to configure, start and control the document generation. We do consider offering these services as a Bluemix service  and they will of course be available to be used from a local deployment.


Q: How do you anticipate usage of this? Are all users generators or do some people generate and then let other people view the generated output?

A: We envisage that all users will generate documents and some will upload templates and create reports for the others to use. But the generated document will only be visible to the user that generated them. The sharing/reuse in the RPE 2.0 is limited by design to templates and reports.


Q: How will you be able to connect to a DOORS data source?

A: DOORS 9 is not supported by the Web UI as it requires a Windows server machine with a DOORS 9 client installed and could create scalability problems.

Also note that the RPE 2.0 Beta on Bluemix is limited to the new Web Services and Web UI. The RPE 2.0 will continue to ship the existing Eclipse based clients but that is not included in the beta. The RPE 2.0 Thick Clients ( Launcher, Studio) continue to fully support DOORS 9.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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