Automating DOORS 9 Document Generation with RPE

There are 3 IBM provided ways of producing documents from DOORS 9 using RPE:

  1. RPE Launcher
  2. DOORS Publish Wizard
  3. RRDG based File->Export

NOTE: I have listed only solutions provided by IBM. There are other RPE based solutions provided by IBM partners such as GebsReporting, Baselines Inc, River North Solutions and more.

All three methods are general purpose methods designed to handle a large number of user scenarios. Depending on the capabilities exposed they require various degrees of user interaction and user input.

When used in a large organization with strict rules for generating documents the flexibility is not really needed and the need for user input is both time consuming and risk inducing.

For such scenarios building a custom reporting UIs in DXL that use RPE through it’s Java API is the optimum solution and we’ve seen it implemented by several IBM customers. This solutions offers a a series of significant advantages:

  • bespoke UI and User Experience
  • custom vocabulary fore reporting
  • reduces the possibility of user mistake
  • no need to install RPE locally

An example of such integration and the benefits it yields is documented here:

For more information on the RPE Java API see and the RPE Infocenter


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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