What’s new in RPE 2.0

The RPE 2.0 fix list,  the system requirements and download instructions and more are accessible from the RPE 2.0 Download Document.  More details on what is new in RPE 2.0 are in the new RPE 2.0 Infocenter and will be discussed here as usual.

RPE 2.0 is focused on  usability, reuse and collaboration for the end user with the new Web Web Services being the way we intend to achieve these goals. The RPE 2.0 Web Services can also  simplify the deployment and maintenance of RPE as they provide an alternative to the RPE Thick Clients for generating document.

NOTE: Document Studio is still required and remains the only option for authoring RPE Templates.

NOTE: DOORS 9 users should use the thick clients ( RPE Launcher) to produce documents to avoid the load that running multiple DOORS 9 clients will put on the document generation server. This is also the faster option.

Other Release Themes

These will be discussed in detail in subsequent posts:

  1. Improved support for Configuration Aware Document Generation (CLM Configuration Management)
  2. 64 bit Launcher and Studio
  3. Output Improvements
  4. Defect fixes


There are no changes in the RPE 2.0 installer for the desktop clients.  Manual installation for the RPE 2.x Web Services. IBM Installation Manager or later is required.

The Data Services component is no longer bundled with RPE.  You can download it from the “Rational Insight Data Services” section of Rational Insight on Jazz.net: https://jazz.net/downloads/rational-insight/releases/

Previewing RPE 2.0

For a quick preview of the RPE 2.x Web Services you can use the RPE 2.0 Bluemix deployment. More details here: https://rpeactual.com/2015/06/05/rpe-2-0/

Licensing in RPE .20

No changes were made to the existing client applications ( Launcher, Studio, RPE 1.x WebServices etc). The RPE 2.x Web Services scheme is:

  • 1 RPE License consumed while you are logged in
  • 1 additional RPE License consumed while a document generation is running

This licensing scheme is similar to the one used by RPE Launcher and the RPE 1.x Remote Document Generation Service.

RPE 1.x WebServices

The RPE 1.x web services (Remote Generation, Monitor&Control, Central Library) have not been removed and continue to be shipped with RPE 2.0. The 2.x Web Services are not an immediate replacement for the 1.x Web Services. We do plan to converge the two in a future release.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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