Installing RPE 2.0 – 64 bit Thick Clients

The installation procedure for RPE 2.0 Thick Clients is mostly unchanged from previous versions.  The only notable change is the ability to install 64 bit versions of RPE Launcher and RPE Document Studio for all supported OSes.For more information please consult the Planning the installation section in the RPE Infocenter.

NOTE: for 64 bit Linux only the 64 bit RPE installation is supported.

To install the 64 bit version you need to select the appropriate architecture in the installation wizard.  Your choice is reflected in the architecture column.

RPE 2.0 Installation Wizard

Once installed you will observe that RPE ( and thus RPE_HOME) is installed in C:\Program Files as all 64 bit native applications.

 NOTE: if you have scripts that were pointing to the 32 bit path make sure you updated them if you install the 64 bit RPE 2.0.

RPE 2.0 64 Installation Folder

With the 64 bit version of RPE 2.0 you can take advantage of all the available memory on your system.  To do that you need to update rpe-launcher.ini and rpe-studio.ini and increase the memory to the desired value. The actual memory limit you can set depends on your hardware,  OS and JRE.   RPE 2.0 64 bit ships with IBM Java 7 SR8 FP10.

NOTE: before editing the ini files please make sure you read on the Windows File Virtualization

rpe_20_launcher_iniRPE 2.0 launcher.ini with memory set to 2GB

In preparation for installing the RPE 2.0 Web Services please tick the “Remote Services” option in the installer. That will create a “remote services” folder in the RPE installation folder with the necessary files for deploying the web services.


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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