How to embed JRS Charts in RPE Documents

If you have used the JRS 6.0 milestones such as M11 you have probably observed the “Export to Rational Publishing Engine” option in the Export menu.

Export to Rational Publishing Engine allows to:

  1. make the report data available in XML format for RPE to produce a typical document
  2. make the report’s graphic representation available as an image to be used in RPE and elsewhere

This adds to RPE the much needed charting capabilities which until now were achieved using external tools like the Google Charts APIs.


Assuming you already have the JRS report ready the steps to embed it’s graphical representation in an RPE document are the following:

Step 1: identify the report you wantJRS_Chart

Step 2: Click export the Report to Rational Publishing EngineJRS_Chart_ExportMenu

Step 3: copy the URL listed in the page JRS_Chart_ExportDetails

Step 4: use the URL in the image element in the RPE template. JRS_Chart_DocStudio

NOTE: if you are using RPE 2.0 you can remove the basicAuthenticationEnabled=true from the URL

Step 5:  when running the report you need to provide the credentials you use to access JRS in the doc spec as template credentials ( see below). This is needed since RPE right now does not support specifying credentials to template images.




Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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