Generate PowerPoint ready documents with RPE

RPE does not generate PowerPoint natively. However Word can export a document in PowerPoint and PowerPoint can load Word documents as presentations. This means that you can get the CLM/DOORS 9/Rhapsody data in PowerPoint format via Microsoft Word with RPE.

A PowerPoint presentation from a Word document

Not any document and not all data can be transferred from Word to PowerPoint with this technique. The most important rules are listed below:

  • PowerPoint will start a new slide at each level 1 heading
  • only paragraphs with headings 1-8 styles will be exported
  • images, tables and lists are not supported

The source Word document produced with RPE

Once you have such created the Word document with RPE you can go in Word and choose “Export to PowerPoint” ( you’ll need to add that command to the menu bar first) or use the macro below.

Public Sub ExportToPowerpoint()
End Sub

TIP: if you configure RPE to run the macro then the PowerPoint presentation will be opened automatically at the end of the document generation.

Alternatively you can go in PowerPoint and load the *.doc document directly.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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