Controlling the default Word file format in RPE

RPE generates by default Word documents using the Word (.doc) Binary File Format. The decision is made base on the output path and default values from rpeconfig.xml.  If no output path is specified, RPE will default to “doc” while if you specify a file path with the “docx” extension it’s DOCX you will get.

To control the behaviour of RPE when an output path was not specified you need to use “extension” property of the Word output defined in the rpeconfig.xml. By default the value of this property is “doc” and and it’s hidden. If you want to generate docx by default then you need to change the value attribute to docx.


NOTE: when editing the file please make a backup copy first and ensure the file is still a valid XML file after the changes ( open it in a browser to verify).

NOTE: if you edit the config file in its location you might run into Data Virtualization issues

You can also change the visible and editable attributes of this property and set them to true which will make this property visible and editable in the Launcher. This in turn will allow the end user to control the format on a per-document basis.


NOTE: if you choose to make this property visible you will notice this warning in the console view in RPE Launcher/Studio “No label found for Launcher property extension”. The warning can be safely ignored.



Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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