Try RPE 2.0.1 M2 on Bluemix

The RPE 2.0.1 M2 build can be tried on Bluemix at This build replaces the 2.0 GA build. You will be greeted with a License Agreement the first time you login but your existing artefacts and documents are all there.

rpe_201_loginLogin screen

Noteworthy changes in this build:

  • group artefacts by tag – better access to artefacts
  • group selection – supports tagging/deleting multiple artefacts in one go
  • share documents – allow other users to access the document you generate.
  • promote documents – prevents documents from being deleted by the periodic DB cleaner
  • access artefacts URLs – simplifies sharing
  • updated 3rd party libraries for Word and PDF generation – improved Word and PDF quality, faster and smaller DOCX documents

rpe_201_grouppingDocuments grouped by tag

Another major change in 2.0.1 is the significantly simpler deployment procedure. The shared library for the license libraries and the special DGaaS user account are no longer needed. These two were the main reasons for failed deployments of RPE 2.0.

If you try the new build we are very interested on your feedback, Please send your comments and suggestions here, on the Developer Works forum or to  the RPE Beta Support E-mail .


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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