How to troubleshoot document generation in DNG

When starting with DNG and document generation or when deploying new reports on the server the RRDG log is an invaluable resource for troubleshooting problems on the RRDG server.  As expected the log provides detailed information on errors and additional information including performance data.

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All the DNG logs can be access at https://server:9443/rm/logs.  The log for document generation is rrdg.log which is located towards the end of the list.

By default the RRDG log is set on WARN level which means only warnings and errors will be logged. This is the recommended setting for most production servers but if you need to troubleshoot document generation you should increase the level and set it to INFO.

Changing the log level is done in the logger configuration page https://server:9443/rm/logs/config by setting the INFO/DEBUG level  to the logger

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Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

3 thoughts on “How to troubleshoot document generation in DNG”

  1. hello dragos…long time, no talk…I’m having issue returning all resources for a project. Is there a way to get all resources for a project returned if RDMPublishReportsPage.size default = 100? how do you iterate this in RPE to get all results returned from the datasource when the size may be unknown? There are 85K+ resources in project. please advise. Do you need to use add &size=*” at the end? will this work. Don’t want to hit the server unnecessarily to test.

    1. All the resources are returning in the RPE report, but only if you generate report, not when you Preview report. When a call is entered in the web browser, it auto-sets the scope/pagesize = 100. Is this based on the pagesize RDMPublishReportsPage.size setting? What is a safe limit for this?

      1. Hey Michele,

        I have left the RPE project about a year ago so I cannot remember if that DNG property controls the preview limit. I’m sure my colleague Kumar who is the RPE architect now and also runs this blog can help.

        All the best,

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