Printing history information for QM data

Test Plan history fragment

IBM Quality Manager provides an API for accessing the history of individual resources as well as the history  of archived/deleted resources. You can read about the supported resources types and more on

The URL for the history of a given resource looks like <integrationUrl>/history?resourceId=resources/<projectAlias>/<resourceType>/<id>

Test Plan URL


History URL for the Test Plan


The history is provided as a data feed where each entry has a title, the time of the change and an XHTML description of the change.

NOTE: the QM REST API does not provide a schema for the history feed so I have put one together here The schema is provided as-is and you can freely modify it to suit your needs.

A template example using this schema is available here

NOTE: the tables in the XHTML description of the change can contain long texts ( URLs). To avoid the Word/PDF document from overflowing the page margins please check this article


Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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