Simplified access to JRS charts with RPE 2.0.1

In a previous post, How to embed JRS Charts in RPE Documents,  I described the procedure of including JRS charts in RPE documents.

The process is straightforward with one notable exception, providing the credentials for the image. RPE 2.0 and older do not support defining credentials for images so the workaround was to set the template credentials in the document specification.

With RPE 2.0.1 this is resolved as it is now possible to specify credentials for images and included files using the data source inheritance mechanism already used for Dynamic Data Sources.

This is applicable when accessing image and files from any data source but the most immediate use is for accessing JRS images.


Inherited Data Source for Image

Taking an example the JRS example in the aforementioned post you need to set the Inherited Data Configuration property for all JRS charts to be the JRS data source you use to pull the textual data. You can safely remove the credentials set for template in the document specification.

If you only use the chart you need to add a data source so that the user can provide the credentials.

Author: Dragos Cojocari

Architect for Rational Publishing Engine

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