New in RPE 2.1 – Template Assistant

Template Assistant in RPE 2.1 guides new template designers with step by step walk through on building a RPE template and takes through the complete process up to document generation. This interactive studio guide gives a very quick introduction to various parts in RPE Studio.


Follow the steps in the pop up and read each step details in the new Guide View for further assistance.

My colleague, Akash, created video to demonstrate the capabilities of interactive template guide. Detailed documentation could be found here.

Advanced users could disable template assistant by opening the Windows > Preferences > RPE > Document Design preference page. Set the Enable Studio guide option to false.

Author: Kumaraswamy M

Kumar is an architect for Rational Publishing Engine. He has been with the product for more than 4 years and has been involved in many releases of RPE. His expertise are in Web application development and API design. He loves going on a long ride on bike and conquering peaks during weekend treks.

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