Printing DOORS Object Heading without line break

While extracting Object heading from DOORS using RPE, RPE will try to retain DOORS heading formatting and styles and the heading is put in a new line. For example, add Object ID or Heading Number before Object Heading in a RPE template as below:


Though you expect the RPE document to show Heading Number and Object Heading in same line, they will be shown in separate lines.



Though you can use Script Expression instead of Data Expression to avoid line breaks, this will strip off the DOORS formatting and style from the Object Heading. Here is a simple workaround to print DOORS object heading number and object heading on the same line without stripping the format:

The sample RPE template can be found here.

Author: subprasad

Prasad (Subramanya Prasad Pilar) has been with IBM Rational Reporting solutions for more than a decade and is involved in many releases of IBM Rational Publishing Engine. He has diversified experience in the field of software testing, development and release engineering.

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