IBM InterConnect 2017

Submit your proposal for IBM InterConnect 2017. Call for speakers closes on November 11, 2016.

Find more details here –

If there is a success story with document generation using RPE or any topic related to RPE, I happy to be co-speaker for it. Feel free to reach out to me.

By the way, myself Kumar, architect for RPE. I’ve been with RPE product for more than 4 years and involved in number of releases of RPE and still going.

Author: Kumaraswamy M

Kumar is an architect for Rational Publishing Engine. He has been with the product for more than 4 years and has been involved in many releases of RPE. His expertise are in Web application development and API design. He loves going on a long ride on bike and conquering peaks during weekend treks.

4 thoughts on “IBM InterConnect 2017”

  1. Hi Kumar, thank you for your posts regarding Rational Publishing Engine. I was hoping to ask your advice. I am working with an IBM IoT CE Account Manager to assist one of our DOORS Next Generation customers (located in Arlington, VA) who is interested in Rational Publishing Engine. They would like to view a demonstration of Rational Publishing Engine working with DNG. Is there someone you could recommend who would be able to help us walk them thru this via a web demonstration/discussion? Please feel free to reach out to me via email if preferred. Thanks in advance for your help on this.

    1. Hi Nick, good to see interest with RPE. I could share few video recording and presentations around docgen with DNG using RPE. This blog has lots of information about RPE / RRDG with DNG. I suggest to go through them.

      What’s New in DOORS/DNG Reporting and Document Generation

      RPE 2.1.0 – CLM 6.0.2 – DOORS Next Generation to Design Manager traceability Documents

      RPE 2.0.1: Generate a requirements document from DOORS Next Generation

      1. Thank you for your reply! Sharing videos and presentations would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I will also look thru the blog for more information. Please let me know if you need me to send you my email address or whatever you would need to forward the videos and presos. Thank you again!

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