RPE 2.1.1

RPE 2.1.1 has been made generally available today. We continued on the path we started in RPE 2.0 around simplifying the user experience with RPE. RPE 2.0, 2.0.1 focused on administrators and end users while RPE 2.1 focused on template designers. With 2.1.1, we continued focus on both template designers and report designers.

Improvements in 2.1.1

Template designers

  1. Interactive guides: Continuing from RPE 2.1, more guided tours are available for understanding different components of RPE Studio, building basic point product specific templates.
  2. Improved JavaScript Editor: Includes syntax coloring, content assist and line marking for javascript code. You can also include the JavaScript as a reference link in the template from Document Builder.
  3. Drag and drop template design for JRS graphical report.

Output Improvements

  1. Math Equations: Support for mathematical equations in Word and PDF document.
  2. Hyperlinks: Hyperlink on images and rich text within hyperlinks are now supported.
  3. FGC: Document generation from CLM with Components enabled with configuration.

RPE Document Builder (Web)

  1. Reusable javascript: A reusable JavaScript asset type is included.
  2. Document Builder Usability improvements: Create report from template(s), multi-select assets, expand and collapse group by artifacts and collapsible menu panel to leverage the screen space.
  3. Monitor and Control: Administrators can now monitor long running jobs and pause, cancel, or resume the jobs.
  4. Sample (OOTB) assets are now available on RPE Document Builder.
  5. Add a few cross product templates as part of out of the box templates shipped with RPE.


  1. Retired Legacy PDF driver
  2. Retired Remote Services 1.x with RPE Document builder (first release in 2.0). Asset migration from old remote services to document builder is partially supported.


  1. Oracle database support for RPE document builder
  2. DB2 Workbench support for RPE document builder

RPE on Jazz.net: Download and try yourself.

Find the complete documentation in RPE 2.1.1 what’s new section.

Kudos to RPE team and thanks to all of you that helped us define and refine these features.

Author: Kumaraswamy M

Kumar is an architect for Rational Publishing Engine. He has been with the product for more than 4 years and has been involved in many releases of RPE. His expertise are in Web application development and API design. He loves going on a long ride on bike and conquering peaks during weekend treks.

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