Printing a table that is too wide

How to get a table that is too wide (having too many columns) to flow to the next page?

Suppose you have a table is too wide to fit in the page (even in landscape mode), it will be either unreadable (too narrow columns) or truncated. As you know, Word documents flow top-to-bottom, not side-to-side. Here is an example RPE template that can be used to export DOORS table with many columns. RPE will split the table and show first N columns in one page and rest of the columns in the next page.

In the RPE template, you can check the following properties for the Cell element that prints module/object/table/row/object/Object_Text.
Hidden: _cell_number > N*1
All Borders Style: (_cell_number>N*1) ? “none” : “”
All Cell Text Padding: (_cell_number>N*1) ? 0 : “”
with the condition _cell_number <= N*1


Suppose there are 40 columns in the table and you want to print 20 columns each time, you can set N = 20. In the output, you can see that first 20 columns are printed first, followed by remaining 20 columns.


Author: subprasad

Prasad (Subramanya Prasad Pilar) has been with IBM Rational Reporting solutions for more than a decade and is involved in many releases of IBM Rational Publishing Engine. He has diversified experience in the field of software testing, development and release engineering.

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