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Updated 2012.02.17

Accelerating document production and ROI

Using the IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine to Streamline the Documentation Generation Process at General Dynamics Land Systems


What is new in RPE 1.1.2 – Variables in native filters

UPDATE: the example template is available here.

One of the most exciting features of RPE 1.1.2 is the ability to use variables in native filters. Prior to 1.1.2 native filters were hardcoded in the template limiting the applicability of this extremely useful feature.

Best practice: native filters should be used over scripted filters is to be preferred whenever available as it results in the minimum amount of data returned by the provider, reducing the data RPE has to process ( and discard).

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DXL errors when running DOORS reports from RPE

When you try to run a document generation either from the “Publish” menu in DOORS or from RPE stand alone you get a DXL error like the one bellow:

-E- DXL: <C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\Publishing Engine\\source\DOORS\dxl\doors driver\getDOORSVersion.dxl:3> could not open include file (source/DOORS/dxl/doors driver/getDOORSVersion.inc) (No such file or directory)
Included from:

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