CLM Traceability with RPE

Geoffrey Rosenthal has put together a great article on using RPE for CLM document generation. See Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management Traceability Templates with Rational Publishing Engine


RRC upgraded to RRDG 1.1.2

RRC has been upgraded to use RRDG 1.1.2. This brings 2 major changes to the integration:

  • templates created with the latest RPE version can be used – until now the embedded RRDG could only use templates created with RPE 1.1.1 and older. This also means that an RRC user can take advantage of all the new features available in RRDG 1.1.2 when designing templates
  • a RPE license is no longer needed to run custom reports

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Understand the Reportable APIs

One of the key aspects in creating a successful report with RPE  is a good understanding of the problem domain and the reportable API used. Guess working your way while creating the template relying only on the schema information can be a very frustrating process.

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RRC patched with RRDG

During this week we’ve made a significant breakthrough updating RRC to use RRDG in place of the aging RRDG 1.1.1. In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancements the update opens many possibility in the design of the templates executed within RRC.