RPE 2.1.1

RPE 2.1.1 has been made generally available today. We continued on the path we started in RPE 2.0 around simplifying the user experience with RPE. RPE 2.0, 2.0.1 focused on administrators and end users while RPE 2.1 focused on template designers. With 2.1.1, we continued focus on both template designers and report designers.

Improvements in 2.1.1

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Snippets in RPE 2.1 Web Services

With RPE 2.1 web services, a template can be marked as a snippet when a template is tagged with snippet-XXX. XXX will act as a snippet group name when used from RPE Studio.


When RPE Studio is configured to use 2.1 web services, the Open Template dialog lists the snippets under it’s own group and the palette view again shows the snippets under the snippets group.

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Duplicate Reports and Connections with RPE 2.1

With RPE 2.1 Document Builder (Web Services), you can duplicate an existing report to create copy of it and then modify the report as needed like add or remove a template, output formats, etc. Find more details here. Note that the report configuration like  data source to connection association, variable values and any other report parameters will not be copied.

For a data source connection, credentials and other parameters could be same for most of the connections apart from the URL. Hence, a report designer could now duplicate a connection from RPE 2.1. Check here for the exact steps.

Watch video on Duplicating Reports and Connections created by my colleague, Sunil.

Studio Integrated with 2.1 Web application

RPE Studio 2.1 could now access assets from RPE 2.1 Document Builder (Web Services). The templates, snippets and stylesheets from 2.1 web services are available in Studio 2.1. The “Load From Library” in Open Template dialog lists templates and snippets, which could be view, modified and saved back to the web app.

The remote services preference setting is similar to how remote services 1.x were configured. However, the service URL should be pointed to RPE 2.1 web service URL. Find complete documentation here. Continue reading “Studio Integrated with 2.1 Web application”