Inconsistent query behavior

UPDATE:  this is fixed in RPE

There is a known defect in RPE that causes inconsistent query behavior in some circumstances. To avoid these issues the general rules to follow when designing RPE templates are:


RPE Licenses – Tips&Tricks

Checking RPE license consumption

Checking how many RPE licenses are consumed and by whom can be done on Windows with this script:

set RKL_HOME=D:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RationalRLKS\common
"%RKL_HOME%\lmutil" lmstat -c 19353@LICENSE_SERVER -f rpe_publish

Adjust the values of RKL_HOME, LICENSE_PORT and  LICENSE_SERVER to match your installation.

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DXL errors when running DOORS reports from RPE

When you try to run a document generation either from the “Publish” menu in DOORS or from RPE stand alone you get a DXL error like the one bellow:

-E- DXL: <C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\Publishing Engine\\source\DOORS\dxl\doors driver\getDOORSVersion.dxl:3> could not open include file (source/DOORS/dxl/doors driver/ (No such file or directory)
Included from:

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