Rhapsody Diagrams in EMF format

When producing a document from Rhapsody the diagrams will be generated in JPG format. For large/dense diagrams this is sub-optimal as the details of the diagrams become difficult to distinguish.

The solution for this is to request the diagrams in EMF format which is a combination of vector and bitmap graphics. Rhapsody’s Reportable REST API is set to generate JPG images by default but it can be made to return EMF instead.

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Predefined Data Sources

One of the first actions a template designer has to take when starting a new template is to add the schema of the data source. The operation is simple as long as you have the URL of the schema readily available as manually entering the URLs is not an option in most cases.

For this reason I used to keep a text file on my desktop with all the URLs of the schemas that I needed for test&support activities. RPE 1.3 offers a better solution with the predefined data source schemas.


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IBM Federal – Free DOORS&Rhapsody Webinars in August and more

The IBM Rational Software Systems team and its partners present 3 new free webinars in August. For more details and registration links see the announcement letter (mobile version).

  1. August 7th 12PM EST (9AM PST) Introduction to DXL.
  2. August 13th 12PM EST (9AM PST) Managing and RFP with DOORS.
  3. August 21st 12PM EST (9AM PST)
    Integrating Requirements and Models with IBM Rational DOORS and IBM Rhapsody.

The full list of upcoming webinars in 2014 and the recordings of previous sessions are available on ibmfederal.us. The sessions cover 5 domains and they go back as far as 2012:

The RPE related sessions ( only by looking at the title) are listed below. I have watched some of them and found them quite interesting:


  • 12/18/14     “Standardization” of RPE Templates. Register
  • 06/06/14     DOORS and Rational Publishing Engine – The latest enhancements. Recording
  • 04/02/14     DOORS Enlightenment Extra: Painless Document Publishing. Recording
  • 08/16/13     Innovation with DOORS and Rational Publishing Engine. Recording
  • 02/15/13    Generating Professional Documentation with Rational Publishing Engine . Recording
  • 04/20/12     Exporting to Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) for Professional Documentation. Recording


  • 01/11/2013     Systems Engineering: Reporting on Rhapsody Models with RPE. Recording

IBM Rational Events – Open Labs

Update 2041.08.04 10PM: despite its name the site is external to IBM so please take this into account when using the site.

A source of education on IBM Rational technologies are the open labs offered by IBM Rational DoD Events.

Rational Publishing Engine is among the technologies covered and the Free IBM Rational Software Open Labs – Sept 8, 9 & 10 2014 Cambridge, MA will include a lab entitled “Publish Your Rational DOORS Requirements with Rational Publishing Engine”

For a full list of the upcoming labs and the tools and technologies that they cover you should consult the List of Events.


Creating Reports on Rhapsody Models with Rational Publishing Engine v1.2

Andy Lapping has put together an excellent tutorial on generating documents with RPE from Rhapsody Models. The tutorial assumes very little RPE knowledge  from the viewer and it introduces all the components and concepts used including very new concepts such  as the Central Library. At the same time the tutorial never loses focus and everything  that is presented serves achieving the end goal: generating a document from a Rhapsody Model.

Part 1

Part 2