RPE 2.1 – “Multumesc”

I’m happy to announce RPE 2.1, codename Multumesc, has been made generally available today. With this release we continued on the path we started in RPE 2.0 around simplifying the user experience with RPE. While with 2.0 and 2.0.1 we focused on administrators and end users with 2.1 our focus are template designers:

  1. Interactive Guides – new designers will be walked through the design process
  2. Drag&Drop for quick template design– drop your resource URL from the Browser in document studio and RPE will create a starting template for you
  3. Simplified CLM traceability – with the POX profile you no longer need to manipulate URLs to transform between OSLC and REST API.
  4. Word Import – use Word documents as the starting point of your template. RPE will convert the structure and a subset of the formatting into an RPE template
  5. Java Script Reuse – you can now define code modules inside a template and reuse the functions defined there everywhere else in the template.

This and much more is described in https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS6RHZ_2.1.0/com.ibm.rational.pe.overview.doc/topics/c_whats_new_21.html and will be further discussed here.

The team even put together videos to show some of the new features https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZGO0qYNSD4UtXl3xXGsL1hhumg0s8m9i

Kudos to the RPE team and to all of you that helped us define and refine these features.

Plan Ahead and Act Proficiently for Reporting

The material Einar Karlssen and I created for the Interconnect 2016 Plan Ahead and Act Proficiently for Reporting session is available on Slideshare in addition of being available via Interconnect Mobile Application

This alongside the best practice articles Kumar just posted can be used as a frame of reference for building documents with RPE.

Jazz Reporting Architecture

This is how JRS, Insight and RPE fit together to provide reporting capabilities for CLM and more. The JRS and RPE combination offers excellent design usability and runtime performance for any report that involves traceability/data aggregation.

jazz Reporting - JRS + RPE
(click to enlarge)

Plan Ahead and Act Proficiently for Reporting

Plan Ahead and Act Proficiently for Reporting covers the most important lessons we learned in almost 7 years  of implementing document generation with Rational tools.

Many thanks to Dr. Einar Karlsen for his pioneering work with RPE which  is distilled into this material. Unfortunately  for reasons outside his control Dr. Karlsen will not attend Interconnect this year so I am tasked with sharing this wonderful information alone.

Looking forward to see you on Monday, 22nd of Feb from 12PM.

2092 - Plan Ahead

Document Generation sessions at Interconnect 2016

Below are the sessions dedicated to Publishing Engine at Interconnect 2016. Click on the links for the abstract of the session. Looking forward to see you there.

DOD-2092: Plan Ahead and Act Proficiently for Reporting: Lessons Learned
Program: Core Curriculum

DOD-4545: Ask the Experts: Reporting and Document Generation
Program: Core Curriculum

DOP-2293: On-Demand Document Generation from Live Data for Web Environments
Program: Core Curriculum

DOD-1295: Get More Out of Reporting on CLM Data with Jazz Reporting Services and Rational Publishing Engine
Program: Lab Center

PDD-1295: Get More Out of Reporting on CLM Data with Jazz Reporting Services and Rational Publishing Engine
Program: Lab Center